We are not interested in taking a score and simply reproducing it. Imitation has its flaws, which is why we believe in being more inspired by style as opposed to simply replicating a song. MUSIC FOR US should have an impact that punctuates all the sensibilities of sound and light. One should not exist without the other, and neither one should have an upper hand. Essentially it should be the collaboration and marriage of the two art forms. FUNDAMENTALLY WE HAVE TO be stimulated by what we see to compose an innovative response. In some cases improvising over previously halfhearted attempts by others, which lacked thought and application. THEREFORE OUR ETHOS is simply to look a little harder into the visual aspects of a project, and produce a composition individually conducive to each and every job that lands on the table.
A CRAVING TO TACKLE and take on challenges head on is not for the faint heart. The strength lies in rising to the occasion and meeting a point where the product, can be viewed and heard with great fondness. This is an outcome, which should give us a sense of pride, adding another piece to a growing record. IF MONEY WERE OUR SOLE MOTIVATION then the end result would be the pay packet. Love of work is the motivation for what we do. Money is the recompense of what we achieve.